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GO Ms No 112 2020 Guidelines for government offices Government
SOP-Offices SOP on preventive measures to contain spread of COVID-19 in offices Ministry of Home affairs
CirSS1-91-2020 Lock down Relaxation Government
GO Ms No 100-2020-GAD Compiling Electronic Infrastructure Government
G4/2407/2020 Boilers-extension Department
GO Ms No 99-2020-GAD LOCKDOWN Guidelines -New Government
No. 40-3/2020-DM-I(A) LOCKDOWN extended Ministry of Home affairs
NDMA Guidelines for Employer and Employees Government
NDMA Restarting of Factories after Lockdown- Guidelines Government
Circular No:7/2020 Post Lockdown- Guidelines to Officers Department
Circular No:6/2020 Restarting of Factories after Lockdown Department
GO(Ms)/86/2020 Lockdown arrangements Government
E1/2600(1)/2020/F&B Duty Arragement at Directorate Department
G.O.(Rt)No.293 /2020/ID Covid-19 Exemption from Lock down Government
ACTION CHECKLIST Prevention and Mitigation of COVID-19 at Work ILO
E1/2600/2020/F&B Functioning of Offices Department
Hotspots Ministry of Health, Govt. of India Government
G.O.(Rt)No.1330/2020/GAD Interstate travel of persons Government
GO (Ms) No. 74/2020/GAD Exemptions-Lock down Government
GO(MS)/233/2020/Norka People Living abroad Government
No.81/Prl.secy/Ind&Norka/2020 Exemption for essential Industries Government
No.40-3/2020-DM-I (A) Consolidated Guidelines Ministry of Home affairs
GO (P) No.35/2020/FIN e-TR5 - extension Government
Cir. SS1/90/2020/GAD Lock down- Guidelines consolidated Government
GO (Ms) No. 71/2020/GAD Relaxations in Lock down Government
GO (Ms) No. 69/2020/GAD Permission for authorised plumbers and electricians Government
Go (Ms) No. 70 /2020/GAD Functioning of rubber industries Government
No.81/Prl.secy/Ind&Norka/2020 Exemption for essential Industries Government
G.O ( Ms ) 66 /2020/GAD Functioning of shops and service centres for mobile phones and computers Government
G.O.(Ms) No. 68/2020/GAD Permission for the staff of Irrigation Department Government
Cir.21/2020/Fin. Treasury Bills Government
G.O ( Ms ) 67 /2020/GAD Permission for the functioning of automobile workshops and spare parts shops Government
SS1/70/2020/GAD Guidelines for protection and safety of persons with disabilities Government
Report Report of Expert Committee Government
Go(Rt)/290/2020/ID Exemption to Gloves manufacturing units Government
No.31/F2/20 Mask Wearing Government
Ministry of Finance Extension of Financial Year Government
Circular No 05/2020 Extension of circular 04/2020 Department
E2/76/2020/Treasury Functioning of Treasuries Government
No.19/2020/Fin Temporary Advance- Extension of period of settlement Government
SS1/ 132 (1)/2020/Fin Year Ending Transactions- Treasury Government
GO(P).33/2020/Fin Payment of Daily wages/contract employees Government
55/Prl.secy/ind& Norka/2020 Exemptions for essential industries Government
GO. No.1282/2020/GAD New Arrangements for Government Employees Government
6650/Leg.H1/2020/Law THE KERALA EPIDEMIC DISEASES ORDINANCE, 2020 Government
E2/1116/2020 Treasury Arrangements Government
GO (R0 No.1269 /2020/GAD Setting up of round the clock WAR ROOM Government
G.O.(P) No. 32 /2020/Fin
Paperless Salary Bill processing- March 2020 Government


Ministry of Home affairs

21 days Lock Down- Entire Nation Government
G.O.(Ms) No.49/2020/GAD Lock Down- Entire State of Kerala Government
CIRCULAR No 04/2020 Lock Down declared by the Government- Instructions to factories Department
GO No.1238/2020/GAD  Break The Chain    Government
 SS1/50/2020/GAD(Secret)  Guidelines to Government Offices    Government
CIRCULAR No 03/2020 Guidelines to Factories Department
OrderNo G4/2407/2020 Creation of COVID19 CELL and Posting of Nodal officers Department
G.O. (Ms.) No. 54/2020/H&FWD The Kerala Epidemic Diseases, COVID-19 Regulations,2020. Government