Promotion and Postings of Inspector of Factories and Boilers Gr-I



 Ratio Promotion of Confidential Assistants



 Promotion, Transfer and Postings of Senior Clerks



 Promotion order of Typists



Promotion and Postings of Junior Superintendents



 Promotion and Postings of AIF

 E1/6919/2018  17-08-2018  Transfer and posting of Clerk
 E1/10660/2017  09-08-2018  Transfer and Postings of Inspectors
 E1/8823/2017  06-08-2018  Promotion of Typist
 E1/3094/2017  09-07-2018

Promotion and Postings of Senior Clerks

 E1/10660/2017  21-06-2018  Transfer and Postings- Inspectors
 E1/4658/2018  01-06-2018  Transfer and Posting of CA
 E1/10660/2017  30-05-2018  General transfer order-Final
 D-2868/2018/JDK  30-05-2018

General transfer-Kollam region

 E1/3094/2017  23-03-2018

Promotion and Transfer of Clerks

 E1/2163/2016  17-03-2018

Promotion and Postings of Draftsman

 E1/7239/2017  19-02-2018

Promotion and Posting of Additional Inspector of Factories

 E1/7406/2017  17-01-2018

RTI- Appointment of State Public Information Officers

 E1/4448/2017  03-01-2018

Promotion and posting of Inspector of F&B Grade-I

ORDERS-- 2017 and before


  Removal of Suspension- Sri Satheesh Chandran, Additional Inspector of Factories

  Posting of Sri. Nikhil.V,Clerk

  Promotion, Transfer & postings NGO's

  Promotion, Transfer & postings of Inspector Of Factories & Boilers,Grade- II

  Promotion, Transfer & postings of Joint Director Of Factories & Boilers & IF&B Grade- I

 Promotion, Transfer & postings of Junior Superintendents & HA

Promotion, Transfer and Postings ofAdditional Inspector of factories

 Sri. Satheesh Chandran A, Additional Inspector of factories- Suspension Order

Delegation power of purchase- GO(rt) no.116/2016/LBR

  Transfer and Postings of Non Gazetted officers- 15-06-2016

  Implementation of delegation of power - Annual inspection and repair of Boilers – Modified

  Sri. Rajan Azhikodan, Competent Person- Suspension Order

  Disciplinary Action against Shri.Sivarajan.S.K, Shri.Thulaseedharan.N.K, Shri.Prathapachandran nair.P.S, Shri.Boban.V - Download

  Delegation of Powers - Inspection of Boilers - Inspector of factories and Boilers Gr-II :: Download

  Proceedings for implementaion of Revised Fees :: Download

  Disciplinary action against Sri.P.Pramod, Inspector of Factories & Boilers Gr-II, Irinjalakuda -Suspension :: Download

  Delegation of powers-Inspectors of factories and Boilers Gr-II :: Download

  Govt. Circular - Application Invited for PGDeG Course :: Download ( 14-05-2013 )

  Delegation of Powers- Inspection of Boilers-Inspector of factories and Boilers Gr-II :: Download

  Delegation of Powers - Inspection of boilers - Inspector of Factories & Boilers Gr-II :: Download

  Implementation of Delegation of power-Annual inspection and repair of existing boilers :: Download

 Implementation of Delegation of power-Annual inspection and repair of cialis free trial :: Download

  Additional Charge to Inspectors of Factories and Boilers :: Download

  Charge Hand Over to JDF&B Ernakulam :: Download


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