Forms under Factories Act, 1948 and Kerala Factories Rules, 1957

Form 1  (Prescribed under Rule 3) - Application for permission to construct, extend or take into use any building as a factory

Form 2 English

Form 2 Malayalam

(Prescribed under Rule 4 and 12 )- Application for Registration and Grant of Amendment of Licence And notice of occupation

Form 3 (Prescribed under Rule No. 3 (4)) -  Certificate of Stability

Form 4 (Prescribed under Rule 5) -  Licence to work  a factory

Form 5  (Prescribed under Rule 14) -  Certificate of fitness for young person

Form 6 (Prescribed under Rule 22) -  Humidity Register

Form 7 (Prescribed under Rule 15) -  Record of Lime washing, painting, etc

Form 8 (Prescribed under Rule 74) -  Report of examination or test of pressure vessels or plant

Form  9(Prescribed under Rule 103) -  Register of Compensatory Holidays

Form No. 10 (Prescribed under Rule  10 -  Overtime, register for exempted workers

Form No. 11(Prescribed under Rule 106) -  Notice of periods of work for adult workers

Form No. 12 (Specified under Rule 107) -  Register of adult workers

Form No. 13(Prescribed under Rule 112) -  Notice of periods of work for child workers

Form No. 14 (Prescribed under Rule 113) -  Register of child Workers

Form No. 15(Prescribed under Rule 114) -    Register of leave with wages

Form No. 16(Prescribed under Rule 115) -  Leave Book


(Shall be the same as “Register of Leave with wages” (Form No. 15) but shall be made out separately for giving to  

each worker on a thick sheet).


Form No. 17 (Prescribed under Rule 14) -  Health Register

Form No. 18 (Prescribed under Rule 123) -  Report of accident including dangerous  occurrence resulting in death or  bodily injury

Form No.18 A(Prescribed under Rule 123 (4)) - Report of dangerous occurrence which does  not result in bodily injury

Form No.19- Notice of poisoning or disease

Form No. 20 (Prescribed under Rule 126) -  ABSTRACT OF THE FACTORIES ACT, 1948 AND  THE KERALA FACTORIES RULES, 1957

Form No. 21 (Prescribed under Rule 127) -  Annual Return

Form No. 22 (Prescribed under Rule 127) -  Half Yearly Return

Form No. 23 (Prescribed under Rule 12A) - Notice of Change of Manager

Form No. 25 (Prescribed under Rule 130) -  Muster Roll

Form No. 26 (Prescribed under Rule 131) -   Register of accidents, major accidents dangerous occurrences

Form  27 (Prescribed under Rule 122) -  Certificate of fitness for employment in hazardous  processes/dangerous operations

Form No. 28 (Prescribed under Rule 115 (3)) -  Attendance Card

Form No. 29 (Prescribed under Rule 81 A) - Certificate of fitness for employment in hazardous processes and operations

Form No. 31 (Prescribed under Rule 129 A Schedule) - Register containing particulars of monitoring of working environment required under Section 7-A (2) (e)

Form No. 32 (Prescribed under Rule 127 93(3)) -  Details of Closure

Form No. 33 (Prescribed under Rule 132)

Form No. 34  (Prescribed under Rule 22 (1)) -  Register of workers employed for work on or near  moving machine

Form No. 35 (Prescribed under Rule 132 and 133) -  Particulars of rooms in the factory

Form No. 36 (Prescribed under Rule 119) -  Nomination for payment of wages in lieu of the quantum of leave to which he was entitled in the event of death of worker.

Form No. 37 (Prescribed under Rule 74 - A) - Register of examination of gasholders

Form No. 38 (Prescribed under Rule 74 - A) - Report of examination of water-sealed gasholder

Form No. 39 (Prescribed under Rule 122) - Certificate of fitness for dangerous operations

Form No. 40 (Prescribed under Rule 122) - Test Report ………………………..  Dust Extraction system

Form No. 41(Prescribed under Rule 72) -   Report of examination of hoists and lift

Form No. 42 (Prescribed under Rule 122) -  Certificate of Fitness

Form No. 43 (Prescribed under sub-rule (4) of rules 81G)

Site Appraisal Form (Prescribed under Rule 81AA)


Forms under The Manufacture, Storage, and Import of Hazardous Chemicals Rules , 1989 and The Control of Major

Industrial Accident Hazard (Kerala) Rules, 1993


Material Safety Data Sheet 

Information to be furnished regarding notification of a major accident

Information to be furnished for the notification of activities/sites

Information to be furnished in a safety report

Details to be furnished in the On- Site emergency plan


Forms under Indian Boilers Act, 1923 and Kerala Boilers Rules, 1967


Fee schedule for registration/inspection of

                             i.    Boilers S.R.O. No. 1153/2001 dated 20-12-2001 

                            ii.    Economiser S.R.O. No. 1154/2001 dated 20-12-2001

Application for Certificate of Competency as Boiler Attendant (form A) DOWNLOAD HERE

Application for the inspection of boilers and steam pipes (form B1)

Report in to the investigations of the accident to boiler (form C)

Application for Welder Test (form D)

Application for Appointment/ Recognition as Approved Boiler Repairer/ Erector (form E)

Application for BOE Examination

Concerned Departments Government Orders/ Notifications



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